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Cadey Carney

Dear Parents and Students! 

I am so excited to be back at Westphalia for my second year! This year is going to be just as awesome as last year, probably even better since I know the ropes! But regardless we will have fun and learn many awesome things! Below I have listed out some of the things to look forward to this year in the different classes.

5th and 6th Social Studies- World History- Pre-Historic all the way up until the Renaissance! 

5th and 6th ELA- We will be doing the 6th-grade Curriculum. We will be doing an informative essay. 

7th Social Studies- 1st semester will be working on World Geography. 2nd Semester we will be working on Kansas History. 

7th and 8th ELA – will be doing the 8th Grade Curriculum. These grades will be doing an extensive research paper! 

8th Grade Social Studies- We will be covering Ancient America to the Industrial Revolution and then some! 

My goals this year are to make Spelling and Vocabulary for all ELA classes much more personalized for each student! Making sure students are creating goals that they can achieve this year! And having them analyze their data (grades) to make sure they accountable for their learning! I am also going to try to reach more by sending a newsletter home bi-weekly. This will just to help keep you all in the know of what is happening in the classroom and with your student! ‚Äč

Again, I am very excited about this 2019-2020 school year! I have very high expectations for each and every one of the students in my class, but they also must know that they are the ones in control what is accomplished and attained in my room.

Sincerely Miss. Cadey Carney! 

Westphalia Elementary- 5th -8th ELA & Social Studies Teacher!

Cadey Carney

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