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Cadey Carney

We have made it to December! GarfieldHappy Winter!

With my room we have been learning 

SEL: Kindness- 8th Graders are learning how to be kind, show kindness, and how that characteristic is important to our world.

5th & 6th Social Studies- Early Civilizations- We are rounding it out, and are testing over Early Civilizations on Dec 7th

7th Geography- Good Day Mate- we are going down to the down Under to learn about Australia for the next couple of weeks! 

8th American History- Colonial Society and Government- We are testing over this Dec 8th

5th and 6th ELA- We are learning about Fear- Students have been working on a Phobia Presentation- students picked a phobia, researched about it, and now are presenting their discoveries to thier classmates

7th and 8th ELA- What does it mean to belong to  culture. We will be done with this Unit Dec 10th 

I hope you all have a safe and happy Holiday! Trevor and I are traveling to Florida for the holiday break! 



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