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What is happening in the classroom?

Happy Thanksgiving! 

With my room we have been learning 

SEL: Gratitude- 8th graders are making a wreath of leaves that say what they are thankful for. 

5th & 6th Social Studies- Early Civilizations- we are learning how early socities and governments were shaped, how they impacted the future!

7th Geography- How the Earth Impacts Us- We are learning about the seasons/equinoxes, plate tectnoics, landforms, environments and more! 

8th American History- Colonial Society and Government- Since we have learned about the colonies, regionally, it is now time to discover what their daily life and government within the colonies was like 

5th and 6th ELA- We are learning about Fear- what causes fear, how do people react, and how to be aware of different types of fear. We have been reading stories that have been detailing Fear but throught that we read, analyze, and discuss. 

7th and 8th ELA- What does it mean to belong to  culture. We have been learning about when a person immigrates to a new country and the how they overcome struggles, while also being aware of our own culture and how we belong to it.