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Happy Fall!  We made it to October!

 The air is crisp and cool!  The sky is blue.  There are pumpkins and scarecrows everywhere.  The BEST part of all of this is, WE ARE STILL IN SCHOOL!

I am so proud to work for USD 365.  Every day, our school district has worked together to give our students opportunitites that other districts have cancelled.  We all believe that doing what is best for kids is worth it!

Your children are doing a wonderful job with the wearing of masks, social distancing, and hand washing,.  It amazes me how ell they have adjusted!

We just finished our First Quarter and had our First Pride Assembly.  It was a bit different, without guests, but it was great recognizing the hard work of our students.

Now, we move on to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!  Thank you for supporting us as we go through this very different school year!

Mrs. Alford 

Please do not hesitate to call me if you ever have any questions ar concerns, 785-489-2511






In most cases, the decision USD #365 will be faced with will be to either close school for a day or decide that conditions allow for school to be in session. However, occasionally the district may choose to delay the start of the school day by two hours.


USD #365 has a new option for inclement weather days: two-hour delayed start. The two-hour delayed start may be used when temporary adverse weather conditions exist, including extreme wind-chill conditions or unfavorable road conditions. Two-hour delayed starts maximize instructional time with students rather than closing for the entire day.

In the event of a two-hour delayed start, all school start times will be delayed by two hours. All morning bus pick-up times will also be delayed by two hours. Schools will end their day at the regular time and after-school bus routes will operate on their normal schedule.


    • Transportation
      • All morning bus routes run two hours later than normally scheduled. This means if your child is typically picked up at 7 a.m., they will now board the bus at 9 a.m.
      • There will be NO pre-school.
    • Before the school day
      • Breakfast will not be served at schools on two hour delayed start days.
      • No athletic or activity practices before school.
    • School day
      • All field trips leaving before noon are cancelled.
      • All pre-school classes are cancelled.
    • When will you make the announcement?
      • Our goal is to announce delays and closures by 6:00 a.m.  USD #365 will make an attempt to announce two-hour delayed starts or closure the evening before, if possible. Families will receive an “School Messenger Announcement” alerting them to delayed starts and school cancellations.  Information will also be posted on the USD #365 Facebook, and area Television and Radio stations.
    • Why didn’t USD #365 make the same decision as another school district?
      • Weather conditions vary across the area, and one district may be more affected by bad weather than a neighboring district. Conditions can vary even within USD #365, which spans over 400 square miles.
    • Can I choose to keep my child home from school on a delayed start day?
      • If families choose to keep their child home on a delayed start day, they should report the absence in the normal manner