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Every week 5th through 8th will have three packets

  1. Spelling Packet (5-6) OR Vocabulary Packet (7-8)
  2. Langauge Usage Packet 
  3. Social Studies Packet 

Each packet 2 pages double sided. Students need to complete one of the sides either in studyhall or at home. Packets are always due on Friday. 

Students need to be reading 20 pages a night or in studyghall. Students will have a daily assignment over their reading. Students who read more than 20 pages need to have an adult (parent, guardian, teacher, para etc.) sign the reading sheet with the number of pages in order to recieve credit. If it is in the students writing it will not be counted for. The goal is to get students to read more! 

Weekly grade sheets will go home, and they require a parent/ guardian signature. If I do not recieve the sheet back and your studnet has a D or below, I will either call that students parent/ guardian. This to ensure communication between me, student, parent/ guardian. If there is an issue with your child’s grade do not hesitate to email me at