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Daily Schedule


First and Second Grades Schedule 2020-2021



8:00  Meet students in the gym.  Morning announcements, lunch count, and attendance.


8:05-8:15  Restroom/Drink Break


8:15-8:45  MTSS (K-4th grades in the Library on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday)



8:45-9:00  Morning Housekeeping and Morning Meeting


9:00-10:50  ELA Block (Whole Group Lessons, Guided Reading Groups, and Title Reading/Reading Recovery with Mrs. Schneiders)

*THURSDAY – Library 10:25-10:50


10:50-11:00  Restroom/Drink Break


11:00-11:28  Lunch


11:28-11:55  Recess

11:55-12:05  Restroom/Drink Break


12:05-12:45  Math


12:45-1:10  Music


1:10-1:35  PE


1:35-1:45  Restroom/Drink Break


1:45-2:20  Math

*TUESDAY – Computer Lab 2:00-2:50


2:20-2:45  Science or Social Studies (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) Art (Friday)


2:45-3:00  Sharing, Read Aloud, End of Day Activities


3:00-3:05  Discuss Homework, Clean Up Areas, and Pack Up


3:05-3:10  Dismiss/Walk to Busses and Main Building












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