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K - 8th grade Technology

K – 8th Grade Technology

The Students all have their chromebooks and cases to use during classtime. Only in specific circumstances will students be allowed to bring the chromebook home. 

Technology will focus on the following:

K – 2nd grade:  Being able to log in and out of their device, properly navigate through fun and educational sites through use of their track pad, and proper finger placement in the beginning stages of learning to communicate with keyboarding.


3-8th grade: These students will refine their keyboarding skills, work on computer coding skills, productive use of Google classroom and suite tools, and other creation tools.

7 – 8th grade: Students in this class are currently working on “The Stockmarket Game” and have made their first investments. We had the priviledge of having Jim Sather of SEK Financial, LLC come and speak with the students about investing. The students listened intently and asked many good questions. I was very proud of how they conducted themselves during this special session. 




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