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5-8 grade Science

5th -8th Grade Science page

Welcome! I will use this page to post any updates and news related to the 5th – 8th grade science classes.

October 2020

This month was very busy, especially in the fifth and sixth grade science classes. The district curriculum for these grade levels focuses heavily on the Engineering design process. Students are given scenarios to use the Engineering design process to build a product. For fifth grade, they had to reimagine a matchbox style vehicle so it could be powered by a balloon and carry a weight (in this instance an egg). For sixth grade there were two scenarios presented. The first thing we looked into was how bike helmets are created to protect people. The students were given materials to build a “helmet” design to protect an egg. Once built the student had to drop their design with the egg in it from different heights. After each drop we checked the eggs to see if they made it through the crash. I was very impressed with how well the helmets were built. Second students were to design a treehouse, they  could live in full time. In both grade levels students produce imaginitive solutions to the problems they were given.




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