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5-8 grade Science

5th -8th Grade Science page

5th grade – This month students will receive the second book in their series, and we will begin studying about space. There will be a small project over constellations.

6th grade – Students will begin working on the systems of the body. Focusing on respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems. 

7th grade – They have just received the 3rd of their 4 book series. We will be covering lessons on natural hazards/disasters and natural resources.

8th grade – This group will be working on the pros and cons of natural and synthetic materials as they are used in everyday life. 


5th Grade – These students are taking a deeper dive into how matter changes in different circumstances.

6th  – Students have finished the beloved Tree House project and are now finishing up the section on Engineering Design. We will be moving into a section on biology and the function of systems of the body. While we will use proper anatomical names, we will not be diving into human reproductive function. If you have any questions or would like to see the material we are using, please contact me and we will set a time for you to come in and look through the material.

7th – Students are working getting ready to work on Historical Geology. This will include a small project about their favorite landmark and the history of how it developed. 

8th – These students have just finished up a section over the periodic table of elements. They will be moving into changes in states of matter.  There will be a couple of experiments Through out these next lesson sections I think the students will enjoy.

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